About us

Designed from the very same trimmings used for the finest lingerie, Bandtz® bands are strong and supportive while soft and stylish. What a shame such pretty and purposeful materials be used only for undergarments. Not anymore! Bandtz has sourced the most alluring elastic trims to upgrade to your most essential accessory - the hair tie! 
A hair tie is any long-haired woman's secret security blanket -- and leaving home without one or worse, having one snap, always results in immediate panic. Quality material with serious stretch, careful design to avoid snags and tangles, and special treatments to prevent fraying, make Bandtz bands look better and last longer than anything else we've tried.
Style without substance is just that. And that's not us. 
Handmade by a cottage industry of women in New York City, Bandtz is proud to provide work to women who need it, making something women (and some men!) actually need. 
Little details make a big difference.